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Confirmed Invited Speakers List

Akira Fujiwara(NTT Basic Research Lab, Japan) "Ultrafast Electron Dynamics in a Silicon Quantum-Dot Single-Electron Pump"
Stephen Goodnick(Arizona State University, USA) "Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Advanced Photovoltaic Devices"
Seungwu Han(Seoul National University, South Korea) "Machine Learning Potentials Enabling Realistic-Size Simulation and Accelerated Material Discovery"
Daniele Ielmini(Politecnico di Milano, Italy) "Analogue Computing with Resistive Memory Devices"
Changwook Jeong(Samsung Electronics, South Korea) "Hybrid Modeling of TCAD and AI for Semiconductor"
Raseong Kim(Intel, USA) "Computational Research of CMOS Channel Material Benchmarking for Future Technology Nodes: Missions, Learnings, and Remaining Challenges"
Andrea Morello(University of New South Wales, Australia) "Quantum Information and Quantum Foundations with Spins in Silicon"
Neophytos Neophytou(University of Warwick, UK) "Thermoelectric Properties of Complex Band and Nanostructured Materials"
Viktor Sverdlov(TU Wien, Austria) "Advanced Modeling of Emerging Nonvolatile Magnetoresistive Devices"