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We welcome you all to the IWCN 2021 Online Conference. Please read our guideline to participate in the conference more effectively. Should you have any questions or inquiries on anything on the conference, please feel free to contact us at
For the presentations, all the presentations are on-demand to watch on the online conference page except for a few live presentations.,
*live presentations will be on Zoom with a separate link.
For playing the video, you have to download 'Kollus Player' through the link below.
Be sure to click on the link for the version of the browser you are using.

Online Conference Platform

1 How to Login?

  • You can access the online conference with your registered ID and PW via online system.
    Once you complete the conference registration through the payment, additional tabs for the online conference will be added to your menu on the top of the page based on your registered information.
  • The maximum number of electronic devices you can use to watch videos is limited to 4 per one ID.
  • Before you login, you should agree to the terms by marking the checkbox as below

I agree that all the materials and publications presented in IWCN 2021 are prohibited for any unauthorized distribution or commercial use.

Go to the Online Conference

2 How to ask questions?

  • You will be able to ask any questions directly to the presenter via Q&A section below his/her presentation information.


Notes for Mac Users: "Play stopped. Recording tool detected."

This message popped up due to the detection about activation of video related software in the meantime.
please recheck that any of video player, recording or screen capture software (e.g. Quick-Time Player, OBS, Zoom, etc) is running in the meantime while you are opening the presentation video on your device. The strongest feature of the media player is blocking such video-sharing related activities (e.g. screen capture, recording, etc.) from users.
Because of all that, the message might’ve been appeared because the player detected such kind of program is running.

Live Online Presentation Session

To promote a greater interaction between the speakers and the audience during the workshop, we have organized a live online presentation session which will be held on May 31 (Monday). Due to the time limitation, 8 papers were selected based on the abstract review results and the authors’ willingness to give their talk live. An online Zoom meeting will be created for the session in which workshop registrants can participate remotely. Each talk will be 15 minutes long including Q&A.
The session starts at 9:00 pm May 31, Korean Time (GST+09:00)
For those who’ve fully registered for the workshop may get the live session link with the password through the online conference page after logging in.